Don’t give up. Be mad and fight.

There are times of doubt.

There are times of pain.

There are times where you are giving away your energy at a problem, a passion, a project, and the needle isn’t moving an inch forward.

You don’t know what to do. You are stuck. You are taking it in.

And you want to give up. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Why should you continue?

It’s temporary

Nothing last forever, even your problems.

You need to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You need to keep faith.

If you hold long enough, it will work out.

The rain and the bamboo

With the knowledge that the situation is what it is, you need to accept it, and embrace it.

If you accept it, you may move forward knowing that it is temporary, and not be bothered as much.

When it’s raining outside, if you don’t have an umbrella, you know that there is no point to get mad over the drops of water falling from the sky. You have no control over it.

What bothers you is in your head. If you come to peace with it, you may just wait until the clouds leave and resume what you waited to do.

If you push yourself like a hard piece of wood, you will just break. Be flexible like a bamboo. Remember it’s temporary and outside your control. Just keep grinding and it will work out.

Remember why you started

Why did you start that project in the first place? What was your belief? What did you hope to achieve?

There was a driving force that pushed you to start.

It might have faded a little. Remember what it was.

The firm belief in your overarching objective will help you through that difficult situation.

What will you give up if you quit? Is that acceptable? If not, use it to drive yourself forward.

Take some distance with the situation

What you may need is to take a step backwards, and change your state of mind.

Mindfulness meditation can help you. You can check out Calm (my favorite) or Headspace for guidance. The power of harnessing your thoughts through mindfulness meditation is incredible and mind blowing.

You can also use some guidance here in this post.

Use the pain as a driving force

You may have experienced times where you crumble from the difficulties and challenges. You got overwhelmed and could not take it.

The people that have achieved greatness always use the pain as a force to move forward.

What opportunity of growth can bring that difficulty?

What positive outcome can come from overcoming the hurdle?

How can you accept not succeeding and giving up?

Use the energy of disappointment or sadness and become angry. Become so mad that you want to succeed badly, such that nothing will remain in your way to success.

Obstacles will be the ones crumbling under your hard determined steps.

There is always a solution

If you have faith, the firm belief that you can do it, that you know it’s temporary, and you harness your energy into a positive wave, you’ll have managed to get back to work peacefully.

Solutions will appear before you know it. And the positive ratchet will be moving forward faster than ever. And the light will be indeed showing at the end of the tunnel.

So, put your straps on, be the winning bamboo, and get back to work!

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