It takes trials, not failures to succeed

First, change the word ‘failure’ by ‘trial’

Let’s change the word failure by trials. We wrongly use the word failure, loaded with negative emotions and connotation.

If you’re baking a cake, you won’t make it right the first time. You expect it. You expect to do the same cake in a few days or weeks, and make it better.

If you’re learning how to lift, and you consider success as lifting 200 kg, you won’t just do one trial and hope it works.

If it doesn’t work, it’s not that you failed. It’s that you didn’t try enough times. You didn’t ‘fail’, you just lifted less than you targeted (200 kg).

Success is not an on/off state

Success is the result of a long climbing of a mountain. It does not appear overnight.

The visible part of the iceberg is just the part where you tried so many times until you show the visible elements of success.

Your life won’t suddenly change. You’ll be slowly adjusting to your improvements.

Words matter hugely

Since we are putting so much meaning into words, they influence our state of mind.

Choosing the right words can change your state of mind from positive to negative, without any intrinsic change in your situation.

Don’t drop the ball

You didn’t fail, you just haven’t practiced enough YET. There is a long way to go, you just need to keep grinding.

When it is difficult, it means you’re improving. Don’t give up.

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