How you can change your mental state

If you have negative thoughts looping in your mind, you’re in a bad streak of days whereby you feel like you don’t achieve what you want, you need to break the pattern.

You need a change of mental state.

In order to break that negative feedback loop, you need to do things differently. Think differently. Be in a place you’re not. Be in a physical and mental state which you’re not.

If you’ve been sitting the whole day at home, go out for a walk in the country side or in the city.

If you’ve been on your phone the whole afternoon, put it aside and do something else.

If you’re in the city, take a break and go to the country side for the weekend.

If you’re in land, go on the sea for a boat trip.

If you’re at the sea side, go to the mountain.

If you’re tired, and you haven’t worked out in a while, go for a run or an energetic walk.

If you’re mad at someone, takes deep breaths. You can’t be relaxed and stressed or anxious at the same time. Lower the shoulders, take a small walk for a few minutes.

If you are in a tense state, you need to laugh. Force yourself. It is a fact that you can self induce a good state by pretending you’re in that state.

You want to feel great, act as if everything is alright. Act as if you’re happy. Put some music and dance, forcing yourself to laugh. Within 5 minutes, if you give it a chance, you can completely change your state.

Whenever we are stuck in a bad mental state, we need to take distance from it. Realize that it is happening. Otherwise the above is worthless.

Once we understand what is happening, we can write what is bothering us on a paper or notebook. We can move to the state change and within an hour it can be completely fixed.

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