How to stay energized throughout the day

Have you noticed how certain days your finish work and you’re emotionally tired, and other ones you’re completely fresh and could go on for many hours?

The days you feel fresh, you don’t even see the time passing. It’s already the evening and you have spent a long time enjoying your work.

To preserve your energy, there is not a one miracle solution that works for everyone. We all have different energy-draining activities.

However, there are certain rules which can be handy at times in order to keep your energy level at the maximum level throughout the day.

Start the day with a workout

One of the biggest positive impacts on the energy level is the workout before doing anything else in the morning.

Getting the blood flowing after the night will both give you massive energy, and also leave you in a fabulous mood.

The endorphins make you feel great, and the negative thoughts you may have had waking up disappear.

Starting with the workout will also put you in the position of achieving one big element for the day: you’re already winning the day!

Work during delimited chunks of time and take small breaks

One key element to keep your energy level up throughout the day is to work in sections of time of 25 to 45 minutes and alternating with small breaks.
It’s especially applicable if you’re working in front of a computer.

The breaks will allow you to take a breath, oxygenate your muscle and brain, drink some water, walk some steps, which refills your energy level.

By alternating these small and long breaks, it prevents you to drain your energy.

Focus on one subject at the time

Keeping several subjects in your mind at the same time, and juggling to progress on each subject at the same time is the best way to be emotionally tired.

You need to prepare your day in advance, evaluate the time you need for each subject and get one done after the other.

By prioritizing and focusing on one subject at the time, you enjoy doing the tasks, and it is not straining your attention.

If you’re stuck with something, move on and then come back later

Another energy drain is the frustration of not progressing on a subject.

You’ll get mad at yourself because you’re stuck and you’re fighting to solve the problem, but it won’t be solved.

Just stop everything you’re doing: it is break time. Go outside, take 5 some fresh air, drink some water and come back to it after 5-10 minutes.

The problem may already have disappeared, or the solution may be evident. But it is unlikely that staying would have helped.

Do work that you enjoy

Have you noticed how doing work you enjoy makes time fly, whilst you’re doing boring task seconds seem like hours?

Time not only passes faster when doing an interesting task but as well your energy level remains higher.

You need to alternate enjoyable tasks with some that are not as fun.

Drink often and eat regularly

Drinking is obviously critical. Having a glass of the precious liquid repeatedly throughout the day will keep you hydrated and fresh.

One trick I like to use is to drink a large glass of water every hour. Every time you feel like going to go to the bathroom, you know it is time to drink again. By doing so you won’t forget drinking.

The same goes for food. Your body is like a machine that consumes fuel. Your brain especially requires the right nutrients.

Give your brain the best fuel and the engine will work like a charm.

Have a walk outside

During or after the day, you may be tempted to get back home and lay or sit.

Getting fresh air during a walk after work is a sure way to decompress after a long day, and replenish your energy level.

It will make you sharp again, and you won’t even want to lay on the sofa. You’ll want to be active and do something fun.

Get some sun

Especially when fall comes, the sunlight is scarce. And the vitamin D level will go down.

You may feel fatigued, and the need to sleep longer.

You then need to get back on your feet and get some sun. Perhaps a walk during lunchtime will help.

If you live in a sad grey sky country, and you don’t want to leave for a sunny country, you may consider taking supplements.

Getting artificial in solariums light is dangerous and can lead to cancers. You might want to avoid it…

Sleep well at night

The last but not least is to get a proper night’s sleep.

You can’t keep the energy level up if you haven’t stored enough energy, to begin with.

What’s next?

Have you tried any of these tips before? Do you have any other to suggest?

Please comment in the section below.

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