Momentum Dashboard, one of the coolest extensions for Chrome

Creating habits, creating a happy life, is in part about carving out the friction in our life, negative moments, and making room for pleasant nuggets.

There are various ways in which we can create beautiful moments during our days.

One of them is Momentum Dashboard. It is always present during my work since a large chunk of my time is spent on Chrome, not to say most of it.

Every time you open a new tab, a beautiful screen appears. On that window you’ll find, in particular:

  • An image mostly of a landscape, beautiful and peaceful
  • A prompt asking you: “What’s your focus for the day, [your name]”
  • Two inspiring quotes.

The image and quotes change every day.

I find it very inspiring, and that is a moment of meditation: stopping, observing, being in the present.

You can take a deep breath, appreciate the beauty of life and our world, and then focus back on your important work.

It’s also inspiring to remember why we work: to appreciate the simple things in life, to be able to afford beautiful travel experiences in nice places, to be inspired by the beauty of the world.

I think these developers are doing a beautiful service to the community.

I can definitely attest that my experience on the laptop is increased thanks to the presence of that extension.

Momentum Dashboard is also available on Firefox if you don’t have Chrome.

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