One quote about that we should hammer ourselves every day

“It takes just a few years to learn how to speak, but the rest of our lives to learn how to listen.”


I heard this quote recently and do not know its author.

It is strikingly interesting since we put so much emphasis to get our kids to learn how to speak in a short time.

We pride ourselves on teaching them in record time. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to connect and exchange with the kids.

But how much energy do we put into listening to them and teaching them to listen? How much to we pride ourselves to have kids who can listen?

I suppose we’d be sad to see that they are quiets, that they are drawn to themselves.

But we may miss that they are wonderful listeners, and can remember better what other people are saying.

Or perhaps a gift to communicate more concisely and effectively.
Sometimes, we’re so focused on one important value that we forget that the opposite is important too.

So how much listening did we do today? How can we improve?

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