The investment of 100$ or less that has significantly improved your life in the past 6 months

This question often asked by Tim Ferriss to his guests in various podcast episodes is a golden nugget.

Sometimes we struggle with small details that are impeding the fluidity of our days. And more often than not, a small amount of spending could permanently resolve the issue.

This is the kind shoehorn solution.

And most of the time this gizmo could only cost a few dollars.

One of them was a phone charger. It cost me 20$, but it avoids me unplugging the charger every day, to/from work.
It saves the wire and makes my life easier.

Another example could be an additional set of keys for friends or family. After that you wonder why you didn’t think about it before.

The difficulty is to be aware that you have a problem. Once you identified the problem, finding a low-cost solution will be trivial…

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