Confidence is not universal and multidisciplinary

Confidence comes from experience

Someone acting confidently without experience is a dangerous fool, that will be busted soon enough.

Someone acting timidly lacks experience. More experience will provide a level of understanding, that will lead to competence, which will turn into an attitude of assertion of knowledge, that will be perceived as confidence.

Confidence is for certain subject

Give a guitar to someone who has never touched one, and that is a killer confident person in general.

That person will be put on stage, and will not be able to produce a single note.

What do you think will happen? That person will not be confident in this field.

A person to who appear confident keeps your in its track, on the comfortable field, where no danger can be found.

Confidence and curiosity

In order to learn new things, you have to be willing to let go of certainties, of preconceived ideas, of your comfort zone.

You have to be become vulnerable to the possibility of failure.

Learning comes from a gap between what you cannot do and what you can do.

In the time of learning, you can’t be confident.

Confidence in the process gives you general confidence

You can be confident only in your ability to learn.

After learning several skills successfully, with control, in your own terms, you realised that you are gifted with abilities.

You understand that given the right amount of work, dedication and practice, you’ll be able to learn one additional skill.

This feeling that things are under your control provide a feeling of ease, which can lead to an attitude of general confidence.

To sum up

There are two kinds of confident people:

  • Those who are dangerous fools, that think they know things which they don’t really know
  • The people who know that they can learn because they’ve done it repeatedly in the past

In the mean time, you have to be willing to accept vulnerability and the fact that you are new to the skill you want to develop, whilst knowing that one day you will master it like many people before and after you.

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