A good way to succeed within an organization

If you want to make progress and move up, one of the best ways is to help your boss.

Your boss is implementing the subset of the organization’s strategy that her boss assigned her.

She has goals to accomplish.

If you want her to support you, you need to make her job easier.

What does she need to achieve her goals, move up and be promoted?

When you set your mindset towards being helpful, you create opportunities.

It gets particularly difficult if there are difficulties on a personal level with your manager.
This means that if you cannot get passed it, and you won’t help your superior achieve her goal, it is better to leave the company and find a better boss.

If your results make your boss shine in the eyes of her superior, then any promotion or highlight she gets is likely to make you progress as well with new challenges.

If your boss does not make you benefit from her results and does not give the credit to your job, it is also a good reason why you should not be part of that team.

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