The right booting sequence

Making progress in life and being happy is about stacking the right actions, in the right sequence, at the right time.

And that starts already in the morning.

And it means focusing on booting the system properly:

  • Starting with yourself vs. with the phone or social media
  • Getting up soon after waking up
  • Leaving phone away for an hour
  • Drinking a glass of water
  • Going through a small workout to get the blood flowing
  • Taking a good shower, the first 30 seconds of which will be ice cold
  • Eating the right nutrient during a calm breakfast without phone or TV
  • Journaling, noting down things you’re grateful for, what your tasks are for the day, and possibly what you are anxious about,
  • Getting ready to leave the house

Meditation would be a good addition to the above list, but let’s leave it as a bonus.

Succeeding at the morning routine means making it hard to fail your day.

The corollary is that, if you fail the rest of your day but have done a good morning booting sequence, you’ll have achieved already something.

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