Little reminder for high achievers, goal-driven people

You live in the future

You like to set yourself high goals. Not the small ones.

The ones that take you out of your comfort zone.

The ones that get you up in the morning with a sharp mind, ready to tackle one step on the road to achieving them.

You have broken down your objective into small actionable steps.

And every day, while achieving the daily portion, your mind is thinking about “what’s tomorrow”, “what did I achieve so far”, and “what is left for me to achieve that goal”.

You are forgetting the present

And you are so focused on the future of your goal, that you may be forgetting to live in the present.

You forget to look at the people and things around you, to remember that things are happening now.

You don’t think about breathing, you don’t think about sitting right, about what’s on your plate and what you’re drinking.

You don’t take the time to take a break and just do nothing.

The present is what happens now.

Reaching your objective will leave a void.
You may reach it and be glad, but you may also never reach it and be deeply affected by it, if it’s your main reason for waking up in the morning.

What truly matters is the process that helps you reach that goal.

Being mindful of the process is why we are setting the goal in the first place.

There may be hard times on the way.

There will always be hard times when we choose a goal that is sufficiently high and hard.

But having the pleasure and privilege to be on a journey to reach the objective must bring the joy and enjoyment of the process.

So take a break, pause for a minute

So, take a day off, take a lunch out without your phone or emails.

Take some time to spend with people that matter to you. Even if it is a c colleague, don’t talk about work, about that objective.

Enjoy the sun, the trees around, the water on the lake or the sea.

Remember that you’re breathing.

The world continues to spin. We are alive.

Things can suddenly stop. Let’s not forget Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, 9/11, or all the moments where people would have been glad to have one more breath.

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