You have not completed projects before, use it to your advantage

When we grow up, there is a tendency to get involved in my new challenges, learning new skills, starting several music tracks or sports. Especially if we are a curious and daring person.

However, after a few attempts, we may be inclined to give up easily. It gets difficult. And we have a new shiny idea to follow. And as we start to improve or get advanced on one project, we give it up and move on to the next one.

At some point, we need to realize that we are only as skilled as completed projects. Ongoing, work-in-progress, not so finished projects are just a sign of our failure to ship, to take ownership and to be responsible.

And one day, you will look at your past and see the cemetery of work-in-progress. The music song you’ve written about how fan you are of Justin Bieber, and never published, or the prototype of unicorn rainbow slippers you’ve designed but never produced.

Hopefully, you will get a nasty disappointment feeling with yourself. Not hopefully because I wish you unhappy feelings. But because it is truly a chance to acknowledge our behavior and use the feeling as a strength to further focus, limit our new projects, and ship newly completed work.

Let’s use that list of unfinished work as fuel to ship and become excellent at something.

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