An idea without its execution is a sweet dream in a parallel universe

Ideas are beautiful. They are beautiful opportunities. They are a world of possibilities that have not been tested in the real world.

Did you take credit for your ideas?

You might want to take credit for all the good ideas you gave your friends. You’re creative. You have a talent to birth ideas of business. And you might be good at pitching.

But will you be there executing on it and work your neck off to bring it off the ground?

Will you take the months of rejection and sleepless nights to fine-tune the product, find the product-market fit?

Will you be there during a hard time financing it, having arguments and heated discussions with the team?

No, I’m not saying that having good ideas is not critical. But if you intend to take credit for it, you’d better execute on it yourself or be there whilst you develop the team that will be developing it.

Otherwise, you’re a good dreamer that creates beautiful parallel worlds.
You make wonderful pitches that are just words.

You don’t get recognition from an idea

Your life goal may be to create ideas and enjoy the pleasure of imagining new concepts.

It is a wonderful mission to think about difficult problems related to the survival of our species, or solutions to problems that affect a large number of people.

But alone, with only your idea, you will not solve the problem, get any form of credit and recognition, or even become rich with it.

Some people are suited for ideas, others for executing on them

What matters is that you know yourself. Are you a person that is good at envisioning new opportunities?

Are you good at transforming ideas from the concept to a product that many clients buy with satisfaction?

Maybe you’re a combination of both.

Regardless of your profile, you need to find the person or the group of persons that can make a reality out of a concept.

We need to embrace our limitations and find others.

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