It is possible

It may take time, it may require you to learn skills you do not already possess, it may be harder than you originally think, but it is possible to achieve your goal or dream.

It is impossible

We tend to think that because things are difficult that they are impossible.

We restrict the range of possibilities, we limit our dreams to justify our beliefs.

We find reasons why we can’t achieve it. All to justify that it is impossible.

And as long as it is impossible, there are no questions asked, no possibility.

The wrong right question to ask

When we grow up, we get used to the closed question: can I do X? Am I allowed to do X? Is X doable?

The problem is that the closed question leaves only two possibilities.

On one hand, you get the permission you’ve been seeking or the confirmation.

On the other hand, you left with the tail between your legs. You go home and watch a series to forget. The entire specter of possibility has vanished. There’s nothing to question. You are either allowed or you’re not. It’s impossible.

If you had a shred of a doubt of the possibility of doing X, you have now found the perfect justification that you cannot do it. And you used an external person to make you feel better about it.

The right question to ask

The question we ought to ask is: what can I do to make X possible? How can I achieve X?

That question is magical: it only has one outcome, success. You cannot fail any longer.

Because if you can’t answer the question yourself, it means that you need to dig deeper and make better research.

If you’re asking the question to another person, that person cannot hide behind a yes or a no. She has to commit to giving you a proper answer. And you can follow-up on the answer until you’re properly satisfied.

We often think of a limited number of routes to reach a goal. We tend to forget other possibilities and ways to get there.

It is possible

Once you know which questions to ask, that you figure out how to get there, there’s only one blocking point left: the execution.

If you’ve been dreaming of doing something, you thought it was impossible and gave up. You suddenly realize that you can reach that goal, subject to executing X, Y, and Z.

The only missing element is the belief that you can achieve it. You need the self-confidence to say to yourself: I have done similar projects before, this one may be difficult, but I have the tools to get it done, learn to get it done or get the help necessary to get it done.

Once you have that confidence, not much can stop you.

And the more we execute our objectives, our goals, our dreams, our projects, the more we realize that we’re tailored for it. That we can do more complex projects every time.

Things may be difficult, but they are not impossible. It is hard, and it is possible.

If you lack the confidence

No matter your age, depending on how many personal projects you have done, you may lack the self-confidence to believe that things are possible.

The dream you’ve been seeking may feel remote. But possible means that maybe you won’t achieve it today, and you need intermediate steps, more experience. But one day, sooner than you think, you’ll get there.

The only thing required is to show up, every day, challenge yourself with new goals, more and more difficult. The more goals you will achieve, the more confident you’ll be in your abilities to reach any goal.

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