Clarity after confusion

When you learn something new, you go through different steps. And especially if that is very new, the divergence in the steps is more pronounced.

First, you will absorb different information. You will read about different point of views, different approaches and aspect to that subject. And the more you read, the more you will be confused. You will lose confidence in our belief that you can learn it. If feels as though you know less after reading than when you started.

Being comfortable in that discomfort is important. Because the longer you remain in that discomfort state, the deeper the knowledge you will get.

And the harder you will try to connect the dots, the more confused you will be.

One way to cope with that is to take notes or mind maps to process and put a relation between all pieces of information.

Once you have had enough, don’t fight it. Take a break. Even a night sleep will help.

When you’ll get back to it another day, things will start to make sense. By coming back to that subject, the information in your mind will be structured. You will relate to the subject with perspective.

And things will be clear.

And knowing that the process works the same way every time, and trusting that you will get clarity after confusion is the best tool to dig deeper into the discomfort of the unknown, and be confident that you will figure the thing you’re learning out.

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