Change management, existing teams, and expectations

When you are a person carrying out the change, you tend to only focus on the things that require attention and improvement.

You always have an eye for the details, and you find ideas to make things better.

Sometimes, you tend to forget that before you made the change, people were there before you and set up the system in the first place. That system lived a strong life since it is there and is the base for your improvements.

It is worth remembering it, because it may look as though you’re fixing a broken system.

The idea behind Quality, and in particular the Deming Wheel (plan, do, check, act), is about continuous improvement.

By this virtuous circle, you may improve things bottom-up by finding little tweaks that can make things better, as well as top-down, by having the right focus on strategy, and smooth execution plan, and a correction when you’re headed off course.

You then need to be clear in your communication that perfection does not exist, that there’s always something that can be made better.

To be today carrying change on a long-lived company, it had to create a strong resilience and make almost all the clients happy!

And you now have the privilege to make improvements on a strong and solid foundation.

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