The cost of opportunity

Should it be time or money, you’re currently allocating them according to your principles and priorities.

What hobbies do you have, what projects do you choose, what job you’re having? How do you invest your money, how do you spend it?

Every time, there is a conscious or unconscious choice.

And every time you’re making or not making such a choice, you’re leaving an array of other possibilities.

When you’re going to stay late at work, you can’t be spending time with your kid. When you’re putting money on your house, you can’t put it on an other investment.

There is no perfect answer. What matter is to be conscious that by making choices, you will leave out other possibilities.

What is the cost of Netflix or HBO subscription? You will say 10 € a month….

But when you spend 80 hours on watching The Money Heist or Game of Thrones, you’re leaving out that hike in the mountain, or those hours at the gym.

But in terms of actual money cost, you could have been working on a project and sold it for 10€-100+€ per hour instead of 10€ per month.

You could have been reading a book on finance, applied the knowledge to buying stocks in Entertainment like Netflix, and made thousands of dollars with it.

The actual cost of Netflix is not 10€ / month. It is thousands of dollars or beautiful moments shared with your friends and relatives that you missed out.

Are you conscious of it? When you accept to give up the alternatives, then the cost becomes 10€ again.

It doesn’t matter the fact that you lost thousands of dollars and critical moments. It matters that you did it by choice.

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