It’s not about its material value, it’s about its story

It does not matter the materialistic value of the thing you own. It matters the story you have with it.

And it’s the same with the product or service you sell, it’s about your story and the story of your product.

When I arrived in Norway 10 years ago, my friends and I used to go hiking around the university cabins.

I bought my first pair of hiking shoes with my modest student budget. I bought the highest quality model that I could afford. They were not expensive in any absolute terms.

In autumn, in winter, in the swamps, under the heavy rain, in the snow, I wore my shoes. They were perfectly comfortable, breathing yet waterproof, gripping well on wet flat stones. With them, I went through many “cabin trips”, as we called them.

And 10 years later, even though I am not a frequent hiker I still use them. To me, they are not a pair of shoes. They are a companion, and they carry the story that I have with them.

They could have been worth 50€ or 500€, I’d have created the same memories with them. I could have told myself a story saying that I was walking in exceptional quality shoes, or maybe I would have not. But I’d have the same memories.

I would remember the walks in numerous centimeters of snow, the failed steps into the wet swamps instead of the dry stone. The beautiful landscapes. And the special moments shared with good friends.

When we sell a product, we don’t sell the material value of them. We sell the story that comes with it.

The story of your history with the product. How it came to life, how it was birthed, the customer experience along the sales process, how the clients will experience it and the story they’ll create with it.

The story is about people. It’s about connection. It’s about a group of people changing the status quo, embarking on a journey to make a change.

What is the story you created with your business? What story do you communicate with the world?

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