Stuck with a problem ? The solution is a person away

Talk to a CFO, CEO, accountant or an entrepreneur of the health of the business, they may have different responses.

Let’s take a CEO, a growth manager, CMO, sales manager, and ask them about how to increase the sales and profits.

Each of them have a different education and experience. In order to solve it, they will use different tools and methods in order to tackle it.

They may end up with different or similar solutions. However, even if the solution is similar, when they’ll deliver it to you, they will use a different vocabulary. They will explain it with their different reasons and motives.

Now next time, when faced with a problem and stuck with no solution, remember it. By looking at it as if you were your growth manager or your CMO, you may find the solution you could not find yourself.

The easiest would be to ask the actual CMO or sales manager for a solution, and that would be great. But we don’t always have the luxury.

The important question is then, how do you get to think like them ? Read what they read, listen to what they listen, watch what they watch, learn what they learn, do what they do and spend time with them.

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