We have more control on our future than we think

When we are in a situation, in a place, around people we wish we weren’t part of, we may believe that we are stuck.

We may believe that there are no solution, no way out.

In fact, there is. It just takes the ability, or the choice to take some distance, in order to see things from a different perspective.

Taking a few hours, a weekend, or a few day out in a completely different environment provides with a new outlook on things.

What we thought was bad, may actually be quite good. Or sometimes, we find a solution to the problems.

We realize what is important for us. What we can live with, or what we cannot accept. What truly matters for us. We can envisage what our ideal future looks like.

It only takes the firm belief that things can be changed, for the better.

Once we believe it can be done, solutions appear. And before we know it, we are in a much better spot. The future that we imagine is taking shape.

Every day, we need to wake up positive, giving just a few minutes of gratitude towards the things or people we have in our lives.

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