You want to start something? Take it easy, just do it

When we want to start a new habit, a hobby, or a skill, we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves that it becomes very hard to start.

We start reading everything we can about it, watch all the possible videos. And the more we postpone the start, the easier it is to freak out and stop it altogether.

Lower your expectations

Another approach is to realize that in any case, you will be pretty bad at first.

By embracing this fact, you give yourself the possibility to fail, and lower your expectations.

If you want to start to speak a language, just do your lesson and practice at every opportunity. Accept the fact that you will do mistakes and proceed anyways.

If you want to run a marathon, don’t immediately start running dozens of kilometers at once. Start with small victories, as for instance running 30 minutes at your own pace. And slowly increase the distance, and speed.

Proceed with baby steps

When we consider learning something or starting out, we tend to overestimate our ability to deliver on the short term, and underestimate our ability to deliver in the long run.

By progressing with baby steps, we enjoy the process, and lower our expectations. We are then able to deliver much better results in the long haul.

And the progress you make today is useful to the effort of tomorrow. And so, the ratchet continues.

By the time a few months have passed, you realize how far you’ve gone. You have taken it easy, enjoyed doing it, and got excellent results.

Be sure to commit beforehand

Now, next time you start a new craft, ask yourself if you’re ready to commit daily, rather than weekly.

The chances that if you cannot make the time for it on a small dose daily, you won’t be able to sustain it in the long run.

Have you experienced difficulties to start and keep a habit, and managed to overcome it? Please drop me a line and share your story.

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