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1000 True Fans, by Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, and a former editor/publisher of the Whole Earth Review

That essay was written in 2008. Even if it was refreshed in 2016 when it was published in Tim Ferriss’s book Tools of Titans, it was so visionary in its original version. 

The internet has created to opportunity for a new kind of business and paradigm. A business that can rely on solely “1000 true fans”.

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Makers Schedule, Manager's Schedule, by Paul Graham

This essay was written by Paul Graham, one of the founders of Y Combinator, a successful startup accelerator where launched among others Dropbox,  Airbnb, or Coinbase.

The creator has a different way of working compared to the manager. They work on 2 different and incompatible schedules. 

Since every organization has to some extent creators and managers, it very valuable to optimize based on the strengths of every discipline.


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